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Millie and I took a short trip to Israel to see some things we missed in the past and to take another look and some sites we have not been to in a while. We spent a few days in the north at Amirim and then a week in Jerusalem in a luxurious apartment across from Mamilla on the same block as the David Citadel Hotel. I don't think you can get any closer to the Old City !

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20140513_180858 - Shrine of the BookN140507_0019-Kochav Ha Yarden (Mirabel)N140507_0021-MirabelN140507_0023N140507_0029N140508_0002-Tel Dan Nature PreserveN140508_0004-Tel Dan Nature PreserveN140508_0005-Brick Cananite Gate at Tel DanN140508_0010-Tel DanN140508_0011N140508_0013N140508_0026N140508_0028N140508_0035-Town of Tsfat (Safed)N140508_0036N140508_0041N140508_0045